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About Corey Cheever,
the artist behind Barb Wire



Corey Cheever - the Artist behind Barb Wire StudioHere at Barb Wire Designs, the creations start at the drawing board. My artwork consists of traditional leaded glass windows, hanging glass panels, and a mixed medium of glass, metal, and wood, which are combined to create sculptures of endless variety.

I took up stain glass in 1984 as a way to broaden my pencil drawings and as a medium to mix in with welded metals and working with copper/brass. Currently, I am working on an outdoor lawn sculpture, which, when finished, will have ‘glass’ in motion.

I try to keep an inventory of pieces here at the studio. Custom pieces can be commissioned based on your theme.

I am here at the Studio most Saturdays and open to any who would care to stop in. Coffee is always on and conversation is always welcome.


Corey B Cheever

Barb Wire Glasswork is proudly designed and crafted in New Hampshire